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The Energy DOT Technology

21st Century Solutions For the 21st Century's Pollutions

3rd Edition


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Man-made electromagnetic radiation:

We are electrically driven beings, but NOT COMPATIBLE with man-made electrical energies.

The world in which we live in has changed dramatically in the last 50 years. It is estimated that the global explosion in the communications and wireless technologies we all now enjoy has increased the background levels of electromagnetic radiation on our planet millions of times compared to the levels experienced by our grandparents. These man-made electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are different to those in nature and produce an environment in which our bodies have difficulty sustaining ideal levels of physical health and well-being.

. . . electro-pollution

Our cells act like antennae, making our bodies extremely sensitive receivers and transmitters of electromagnetic radiation. Imagine there is an invisible pollutant that is affecting all of us on the cellular level. Imagine we all contribute to this pollution on a daily basis simply by watching TV or calling our friends or using the internet or playing computer games. This is electro-pollution.


Tiredness, lack of concentration, headaches, dizziness, irritability, depression and stress can affect us all in varying degrees. Having eliminated all obvious causes, exposure to EMF could be the elephant in the room. If you or your family use mobile technologies or are regularly exposed to electromagnetic frequencies from electronic equipment it is becoming increasingly essential to find ways to manage the effects of these intense levels of exposure.

The roles of Energy DOTs

Both our research and the experiences of our many users tell us that energyDOTs can make a significant difference. The role of the electroDOT is to harmonize the EMF from the electronic equipment you use. The Body/Bio DOT acts to harmonize your body's biofield, essential given the polluted environment described above. The SmartDOTs are designed to harmonize the damaging frequencies from smart phones, cell phones, cordless phones, smart meters, Wi-Fi routers and electronic devices.

How Energy DOTs work

Energy DOTs are activated using Programmed Harmonic Interface Technology. The principle is similar to that used in homeopathic medicine or other vibrational remedies, where an energy signature is stored in a solid substance.

  • Each Energy DOT is programmed with naturally occurring bio-energetic informational signatures according to its purpose and designed to counteract the harmful effects of man-made EMF and to enhance the natural energy in the body's biofield.
  • The powerful subtle resonance generated by Energy DOTs fine-tunes man-made EMF to a natural harmonic by a process known as the "principal of entrainment" an Energy DOTs acts like a tuning fork on electromagnetic fields in its immediate environment.
  • The human body's electrical sensors recognize the re-tuned emissions as being in harmony with its natural healthy state.
  • The body no longer needs to react defensively to emissions from the "harmonized" device and electro-stress is relieved.
  • As a bonus, the bio-resonant program of the Energy DOTs has been shown to have a harmonizing effect on the electrical activity of the cells, strengthening the body's resistance to electro-pollution.

Energy DOTs  - easy to use

energyDOTs are ultra-slim 17 mm "peel-and-stick on" discs (DOTs).

They can be applied to any suitable object: as Smart DOTs go on a smart phones, cell phones, cordless phones, smart meters, Wi-Fi routers and electronic devices; a Body/Bio DOT goes ideally on a personal object which is with you all the time such as a watch or a pendant.

Contact us if you have any further questions:  marcus@smartDOTs.us  (949) 551-3397 Irvine, CA (9 AM - 8 PM Pacific time)


This is a book everyone should read before you bring any more electronics into your living and working environments.

  The Invisible Rainbow: The History of Electricity and Life

by Arthur Firstenberg

This is great research documenting how our health has deteriorated with the harnessing of man-made electricity.


Firstenberg takes us back to late 1800s when they began running telegraph wires over the tops of the homes in London. The medical journals of that time reported strange illnesses in the people who lived below these wires. As we electrified the modern world, our health has suffered.

Again, we are electric beings, but not compatible with man-electricity!

Prior to the 1890s, there was very little heart disease, diabetes, and cancers were very rare.

He also shows us that with each major change in the electrification of the planet, it has been followed by a flu pandemic. Most changes occurred went the military turned on a new system, like radar, global defense systems, and global satellite systems. Now we have private industry putting small cell tower to support the 5G systems going live. The cell towers used to be on 80 foot poles, now these small cells are much closer to where we live on 20 foot poles.

Space X is placing 1,000s of satellites to ensure 5G is available to everyone around the world.


This is a great read, as it will change your opinion about electricity. It may be the largest factor impacting our health. Today, we are rushing to electrify everything and move to electrical vehicles. Well intentioned efforts to save the planet, may lose humanity in the  process.

Will the body's immune system be able to adapt to these rapid changes?



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