Pet DOTs - EMF Help For Your Pets

Pet DOTs - Pets Are Being Impacted Too!

Animals can also be covered in best way possible. It can be easy to forget that they too are being exposed to the electromagnetic emissions and radiation that surrounds us! Sticking a Pet DOT on their collar, halter or other item that they wear can help keep them covered from the effects of wireless devices and possibly help boost their natural energy and zest for life!

Donít forget their water!
Just as it is vital to our health that our bodies get plenty of clean, revitalizing water to keep us hydrated, which is as important for our animals. Stick the Aqua DOT on the bottom of their water/food dish to improve the quality of their diet.

Note:The Pet DOTs are Body/Bio DOTs repackaged for pets. Therefore, any of the Body/Bio DOT options can be used for your pet!