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Usage Recommendations

Make your living and work environments are as safe as possible!





Placing wearing a Body/Bio DOTs and placing Smart DOTs on all your electronic devices are the first line of defense, but if you really want to retain the best health possible you must consider reducing your EMF exposure when and wherever possible. This is a low-level radiation that accumulates within the body and just takes longer to show symptoms  ̶  as time go by  ̶  more and more people with show symptoms.

If you have symptoms, this is a must for you to get better.

If you do not feel you have symptoms, you can delay that process by doing as many as possible.

When it is just not possible to make some of the changes suggested because of a non-believing partner  ̶  you cannot control your work environment*  ̶  doing the ones you can control will go a long way toward keeping you healthier.

*Consider making the owner of the business or the HR person aware of the risks involving EMF in the workplace. If they still have the hard-wire systems within the walls of the office, as conversion back to hard-wire might not be difficult and much safer for everyone. [Depending on your situation, they may appreciate your input, as most of the world does not know they are at risk.]

Our goal is to make you healthy and keep you healthy, as a strong immune system is better able to fight the EMF assault it has to endure.


Making living and work environments safer!

1.  Make your night time sleeping area as EMF (electromagnetic fields) as possible. Remove all electronics, televisions, and electrical devices from the room that are not absolutely necessary.

Doing this allows the body's cells an opportunity to rest, recuperate, and regenerate from the assault it has had to endure during the day as you were unable to avoid being in areas with EMF.

2.  Make your home and working environments safer by hard-wiring as much as possible.

Landlines are becoming harder and harder to retain, but retain them as long as you can.  Use the landline whenever possible and use cell phones as a last resort.

Wi-Fi systems and boosters send signals throughout your environments. Consider that you are setting up a small cell tower within your living and working spaces. 5G is going to require a Wi-Fi router in each room you want to have service in due to its inability to go through walls. The common belief is that it is absorbed by walls and trees, but not absorbed by humans (common sense says: if walls and trees absorb these signals  ̶  the body must also.

3.  Know where all the electronics are and where the wiring runs. Make sure you do not have a Wi-Fi router or electronic devices on the other side of the wall next to your headboard. If you are in an apartment complex, work with your neighbors to find out what they have on your common walls.

If there are utility smart meters on a living area or bedroom wall, get it removed.  If you cannot get it removed, purchase a Smart DOT set and mount them near it to offset the energies it emits. Use laminated Smart Cards to protect against weather extremes.

4. Use grounding sleep pads and computer mat products to help your body repair and recuperate from the EMF assault it endures daily.

5.  Avoid 5G small cell towers.

Should the place a 5G ground level box in front of your home or business, try to get it moved to the next pole up or down the street. If that is unsuccessful and it is near a bedroom, move the person sleeping in that room to another location.

6.  Know what hazards are in your area, such as cell towers and antennas. Go to www.antennasearch.com and enter your zip code and it will give the number of cell towers and antenna within a 4 mile radius of the zip code entered. Check it from time-to-time to see if anyone is applying for a permit to erect another tower or antenna. If there are applications pending, find out when and where the disclosure hearing is going to be held and gather up your neighbors to protest its approval. When they start the construction of the tower, is too late as all the permits have been approved and consumer objections no longer matter.

We have heard of communities rallying and getting a tower taken down after the fact, but that is such a difficult process and very, very rarely do the consumers win.  Getting involved in the initial approval process and have your voices heard [Sabastipool California got cell towers blocked in their community and have made their process available for other communities to utilized.]

7. Make lifestyle changes that will keep you healthy. Do not center your life around your cell phone and social media. It will rob you of the vital-to-life force energies your body needs to survive. We know that it is difficult in today's instant gratification world that comes from "being connected!" Your health is much more important! When people become EMF sensitive, the journey back to health is a long and arduous task that consumes their lives.

For more suggestions, see our book that contains additional environmental and lifestyle recommendations:

EMF Freedom: Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution



Award winning research


EMF Freedom: Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution - 3rd Edition

by Elizabeth Plourde, Ph.D. and Marcus Plourde, Ph.D. 


The 3rd edition has been reformatted to presents symptoms people are feeling and scientific evidence as to why their health is being impacted.  For those who do not understand the symptoms EMF sensitive people experience, this version provides them with the reasons for their loved one's discomfort and complaints.

2019 IRWIN Award  ̶  Best Environmental Book For 2019

2018 New Cover

2017 Updated  ̶  New edition has 100 new pages and includes over 400 references.


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Our commitment:

"Offer the best available EMF products!"


  As researchers, we will continue to search for the most effective EMF products and make them available to you and your families.  We encourage families to cover the environments and devices they can control  ̶  and you will do better than your neighbors.  Most are choosing to ignore or discount the scientific evidence proving the harm EMF creates.


Please contact us with any questions, as this product line is a little complicated  and well worth the time investment to ensure you obtain the best coverage possible.  We utilize customized Smart DOT Sets to offset the extreme EMF exposures we are subjected to here in the USA  ̶   EMF exposures are not going to go away, and we all need to cover as many electronic devices as possible.



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