Smart DOTs For Electronics

Smart DOTs- For All Phones & Electronics

Smart CARDs- For Electronics - Outdoor Usages

Smart DOTs - For All Phones & Electronics

Smart DOTs - For All Electronic Devices

Cover as many high output electronic devices as possible (see menu: Recommendations)

North American environments are very EMF toxic due to the vast numbers of utility smart meters and 5G systems deployed to meet the higher demands of wireless services. We offer customized sets of 2 Smart DOTs for use on all your electronics [place 1 GOLD and 1 SILVER/GRAY DOT on each device].

Use Smart DOTs on:

  • Phones: Smart/iPHONE/Cell/Cordless
  • Wi-Fi modems, routers, & boosters
  • Computers/Laptops/iPADs/Tablets
  • Baby monitors
  • Appliances/Microwaves/Smart TVs
  • Security systems/Sensor components
  • All electronics (including Alexa/Echo)
  • See Smart CARDs below for outdoors use on:
  • Utility Smart Meters (electric/gas/water)
  • Solar panel inverters (converts DC to AC)
  • Vehicle electronics

Smart CARDs - For Smart Meters, Vehicles, & Solar Inverters

Smart CARDs

Laminated Smart DOTs for outdoor use to protect against weather extremes.
For use on all utility Smart Meters (electric/gas/water produces EMF 24/7), Vehicle Electronics (excessive EMF), and Solar Panel Inverter Boxes (produces EMF). Each condition should be covered with Smart CARDs for maximum benefits.

Today's modern vehicles are filled with so many electronics, we recommend using:

  • Newer vehicles with more electronics (3 total = 1 at dash + 1 in each front door panel)
  • Older models with minimal electronics (1 card near the electronics panel)

Use Smart CARDs on:

  • Smart Meters - electric/gas/water
  • Vehicle Electronics
  • Solar Inverter (converts DC to AC)