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Smart DOT & Smart Card



Smart DOTs

For All Electronic Devices and Smartphones


USA Version 5G Ready Packaged in Sets

We offer an exclusive customized USA version of Smart DOTs packaged and sold in sets (1 Gold & 1 Silver). 

By utilizing both on each device, it compensates for the excessive environmental EMF exposures that are generated.

Together they cover both the pulsed wireless radiations and continuous electrical radiations emitted from devices.

ALWAYS include one of each on all devices (1 Gold & 1 Silver):

Peel off the backing paper and adhere anywhere on to your mobile phones and electronic devices:

  Smart / cell / cordless phones*             Computers / Laptops         Wi-Fi routers & boosters        Baby monitors

  Tablets / iPADs / eBook readers*        Utility smart meters             Security systems                     Vehicle electronics**

  Smart watches / FIT Bits***               Appliances and televisions (for the more sensitive)              Solar panel inverters


 We recommend covering as many devices as possible. 

We offer Smart DOTs in bundled packages, with discounts and free incentives, to encourage covering all your electronic devices.


Recommended order of placement priority cover the electronics used the most and those emitting the most energies

After covering your cell phones, Wi-Fi routers and boosters, cordless phones, utility smart meters, and baby monitors send constant signals throughout your environment, which makes them a high priority.  Laptops, tablets, computers ‒ anything that communicates using Wi-Fi should be covered. For the more sensitive, appliances with and without Wi-Fi (smart generally indicates a Wi-Fi connection).


Smart DOTs are package in multiples quantities and Bundled Packages to cover more devices and save.


Additional notes:

    * Smart DOTs will work inside all protective cases.

      ** Most newer vehicles today are loaded with EMF radiating electronics that should be covered

           [we recommend 1 Smart DOT Set near the dash electronics and 1 Set in each door pouch].


*** Smart Watches and FIT Bits do not have a surface that will support the Smart DOTs sticking to the device. We suggest:

       (1) if you also carry a phone with it, the Smart DOTs on it will pick up the smart watch from within 5 feet;

       (2) if no other surface is available, keep a set of Smart DOTs in the package and carry them on your person for coverage.


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Smart Card

For Smart Meters, Solar Panel Inverters, and Vehicle Electronics

Instructions for Smart Meters: Electric, Gas, and Water

Instructions for Solar Panel Inverters:

  • Place smart card out of the elements so they will not be lost or blow away.

Generally, they can be placed between the building and the electrical meter housing.

  • The Smart DOTs need to be near the smart meter to work effectively. Finding a protected location is more important than being next to the meter.

Multiple meters: For those who live in multi-family complexes with several smart meters clustered together, 1 Smart Card can cover all meters within 5 feet.

Instructions for Vehicle Electronics We recommend:

3 cards for newer vehicles with more electronic options and

1 card for older models with only minimal electronics.

  •  Place Smart Cards in ashtray, under seats, or in door pockets where they will not be lost.

[Tape down or secure inside door pockets to avoid the cards falling or blowing out.]


Multiple cards available: 1 = $59.95; 2 = $89.99; 3 = $119.95, 4 = $149.95; 5 = $179.95; and as needed.

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