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Aqua DOT Liquids Are Absorbing EMF


The AquaDOT can be adhered to the bottom of a drinking container that you reuse to remove the EMF imprint from the liquids in the vessel. Adhere to reusable water bottles, glasses, coffee mugs, and cups. AquaDOTs remove the EMF imprint from liquids in about 90 seconds.


For water filtering systems, the liquid must remain stationary in a storage vessel with an AquaDOT present for 90 seconds to effectively remove the EMF imprint.


The AquaDOT can be adhered to the bottom of a coaster used at home or at work. Take your coaster with you to place your beverage containers on and you will always have better liquids to consume.


Cautionary notes:

  1. When cleaning a beverage containers or coasters with an Aqua DOT attached, use warm water and a mild soap. Do not place in a dishwasher as the extreme heat will cause the glues to overheat and the DOT will fall off the vessel.

  2. When using a water pitcher or storage vessel and the liquid is poured off into a water glass or cup and removed from the Aqua DOT, the liquid in the vessel leaving the presence of the  Aqua DOT will reacquire the EMF in about 30 minutes.

  3. Placing an AquaDOT on a water pipe or on a flowing water line will not work, as liquids need to be near the AquaDOT  for 90 seconds to be effective.

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