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Body/Bio DOT Personal Wearable Technology


The Bio DOT wearable technology contains bio-information technology that optimizes your energy field!  You can choose how to wear your Body/Bio DOT as a TAG, CLIP, wrist BAND, or use the adhesive backed version to apply to the back of a watch or a jewelry item you wear.  The Bio DOT can also be carried in your wallet, purse, or remain in the package and placed in a pocket.


For maximum benefit we recommend:

1.  Keeping a Bio DOT on or near you 24/7.

2.  Always, combine with the Smart DOT technology.

Note: If you do not wear a Bio DOT when sleeping, place it on your night stand and it will cover you from a few feet away.


[For those who might not want to wear one (such as with teens) the adhesive version can be placed on the cell phone with the SmartDOTs.]

Do not overlook this option, as it works synergically with the Smart DOTs to provide the maximum health benefits.



                    Starter Package Options   $59.95


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Sterling Silver Pendant - Premium Options


[Each pendant has a Body/Bio DOT already embedded on the back]

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