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In today's health care environment much of the medical information reported by the media does not reflect what would be most helpful for health care consumers to know.  Instead their reports are filled with fear to create an emotional response to get you to tune in to their 11 o'clock report.  Unfortunately, they do not always report the whole story, nor do they follow up as when studies counter what they previously reported as bad for us.

NewsFlash is designed to sift through the hype and report the common sense and practical side of what it happening bio-chemically within the body and report what you need to know.  With so much mis-information we need to turn to sources we can trust.  We want to be that source for you and to help you become your own health care advocate to ensure you get the best health care available for you and your family.

  Elizabeth and Marcus

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Due to the speed with which products and information are coming at us today, NewsFlash will be published as frequently as we recognize ideas or products that are essential for you to be informed about, such as the new research we uncovered regarding sunscreen’s growing connection to ADHD and autism.  This could be as often as every few weeks.  Our commitment is to provide clear, biochemically sound advice and information that allows you to decide what is best for you and those you love.


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