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Pet DOTs

Pets are being impacts by EMF too!

  Pet DOTs  ̶   Attach to their collars or place in their sleeping area (if they do not have a collar)


Animals can also be covered in best way possible.  It can be easy to forget that they too are being exposed to the electromagnetic emissions and radiation that surrounds us!  Sticking a PetDOT on their collar, halter or other item that they wear can help keep them covered from the effects of wireless devices and possibly help boost their natural energy and zest for life!

Don’t forget their water!  Just as it is vital to our health that our bodies get plenty of clean, revitalizing water to keep us hydrated, which is as important for our animals.  Stick the Aqua DOT on the bottom of their water/food dish to improve the quality of their diet.

$74.95      Pet DOT® & 1 Aqua DOT®  (adhesive backs)

$74.95      Pet DOTs® for 2 pets  (adhesive backs)

$49.95      Pet DOT®  (adhesive back)


Note: The Pet DOTs are Body/Bio DOTs repackaged for pets. Therefore, any of the Body/Bio DOT options can be used for your pet (TAGs, CLIPs, or sticky bioDOTs are additional purchase options  to cover your pets). It may be more cost effective to purchase a Family Package and include Starter Packages for your pets! Bundled Packages link:



EMF Freedom: Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution - 3rd Edition

by Elizabeth Plourde, Ph.D. and Marcus Plourde, Ph.D. 

The 3rd edition has been reformatted to presents symptoms people are feeling and scientific evidence as to why their health is being impacted.  For those who do not understand the symptoms EMF sensitive people experience, this version provides them with the reasons for their loved one's discomfort and complaints.

2019 IRWIN Award  ̶  Best Environmental Book For 2019

2018 New Cover

2017 Updated  ̶  New edition has 100 new pages and includes over 400 references.


          $21.95      $9.99 

           Paperback            $9.98 Kindle ebook



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Today's modern technologies and conveniences are difficult to avoid.  As such, 21st Century Health Consulting LLC offers EMF products that harmonize the body, cell phone, and electronics.

\View interviews and presentations with Elizabeth Plourde, Ph.D.  


Our commitment:

"Offer the best available EMF products!"


  As researchers, we will continue to search for the most effective EMF products and make them available to you and your families.  We encourage families to cover the environments and devices they can control  ̶  and you will do better than your neighbors.  Most are choosing to ignore or discount the scientific evidence proving the harm EMF creates.


Please contact us with any questions, as this product line is a little complicated  and well worth the time investment to ensure you obtain the best coverage possible.  We utilize customized Smart DOT Sets to offset the extreme EMF exposures we are subjected to here in the USA  ̶   EMF exposures are not going to go away, and we all need to cover as many electronic devices as possible.



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