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Blocking and Shielding Are Not Enough

Blocking / Shielding are 20th Century Concepts

Used to Address a 21st Century Problem / Pollution


Not what we recommend!

Blocking Is Dealing with EMF on an Electrical Level!

Electricity has always been bad for us*, but now that there are Wi-Fi and EMF energies everywhere and from every direction   ̶  they need to be transformed and not just blocked or redirected.  Wi-Fi and EMF are so much more powerful and prevalent throughout our day-to-day living environments  ̶  shielding and blocking are not enough.

* A great book that highlights how electricity has impacted our health is: The Invisible Rainbow: The History of Electricity and Life.

Where wires are physically present, blocking and shielding works very well to guard against the electrical fields created around them.  However, in today's environments we have cell towers and Wi-Fi systems everywhere pushing massive amounts of electricity throughout our airwaves  ̶  from all directions  ̶  making it impossible to block/shield these energies.

We have clients who have Faraday cages on their beds, or have shielded their entire bedroom.  This can be counter-productive, as shielding also blocks the good life-force-energies from the earth we need to thrive (see the EMF Reflective Paint story below).

EMF Reflective Paint

Medical doctors who sell our products often send us their difficult EMF sensitive patients. One such person near Los Angeles called after painting her entire home with the EMF reflective paint. She was just getting sicker and did not know why. She was getting worse because she had also blocked out the life-force-energies her body needed to thrive. Our advice was to move out of the house, as there was not an option to remove the reflective paint.

Be very, very care as to what you do to change your environments, as she went from having a home to owning a house that she could not live in.


Our Goals Are to Make You Healthier

Our products focus on the changes that occur within the body to make it healthier (blood and oxygen flow, as well as less inflammation).

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Shielding Comparisons


EMF energies must flow for the device to work!  For a blocking to truly work, the device must not work - defeating the purpose of blocking the device in the case.

It may shield when not using the device, but it provides no coverage when using the device.


Placing a shield around the cell phone leaves 3 sides open to radiate EMF energies.

Limited protection even when closed. It channels the EMF in a more concentrated energy pattern  ̶  making them more detrimental.






When opened, these energies now are being directed at the user.






Fully contained pouches are a great protection when the phone is pouched and not being used.  However, they provide no protection when they are actually being used.


Shielding makes sense under a laptop or computer to protect one's reproductive organs.  However, now it is reflecting those redirected and more concentrated energies upward toward the user in a more concentrated form. If you have your laptop in a stationary position, Several sheets of tinfoil layered under it will provide all the blocking you require.


EMF Freedom: Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution - 3rd Edition

by Elizabeth Plourde, Ph.D. and Marcus Plourde, Ph.D. 


The 3rd edition has been reformatted to presents symptoms people are feeling and scientific evidence as to why their health is being impacted.  For those who do not understand the symptoms EMF sensitive people experience, this version provides them with the reasons for their loved one's discomfort and complaints.

2019 IRWIN Award  ̶  Best Environmental Book For 2019

2018 New Cover

2017 Updated  ̶  New edition has 100 new pages and includes over 400 references.


          $21.95      $9.99 

           Paperback            $9.98 Kindle ebook



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Today's modern technologies and conveniences are difficult to avoid.  As such, 21st Century Health Consulting LLC offers EMF products that harmonize the body, cell phone, and electronics.


View interviews and presentations with Elizabeth Plourde, Ph.D.    


Our commitment:

"Offer the best available EMF products!"


  As researchers, we will continue to search for the most effective EMF products and make them available to you and your families.  We encourage families to cover the environments and devices they can control  ̶  and you will do better than your neighbors.  Most are choosing to ignore or discount the scientific evidence proving the harm EMF creates.


Please contact us with any questions, as this product line is a little complicated  and well worth the time investment to ensure you obtain the best coverage possible.  We utilize customized Smart DOT Sets to offset the extreme EMF exposures we are subjected to here in the USA  ̶   EMF exposures are not going to go away, and we all need to cover as many electronic devices as possible.



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