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Personal Mission - Share Our Research and Personal Experiences


Our mission is simple:

To help you become as healthy as possible, so your immune system can do its many functions to keep you well. As such, we will:

  • use our research skills and experience to determine which products are helpful;
  • only offer products that promote health;
  • always represent the best EMF products available;
  • never make claims beyond the scope of the products we represent;
  • never pressure anyone,
  • only sell what works best for us.

We are here to help and provide information, so you can make informed choices.

Our Integrity Level Must Always Exceed All the Other Vendors

With the plethora of new EMF products entering the marketplace, it is difficult to sort out the hype (sales pitch) from reality.  We are seeing MLM companies getting onboard to capture a portion of the market-share that is available. Keep in mind: MLM is marketing at it finest (selling machines). What real life EMF experiences can they offer? Another question to ask is whether the inventor(s) are actually EMF sensitive in order to know and understand whether their products are working in actuality, rather than in concept?

The inventor of Smart DOT product line is EMF sensitive, just like Elizabeth, and created these products to offset the EMF energies we are all being subjected to. Our manufacturer was and is on the forefront of transforming EMF energies to be more human-compatible. An Energy Medicine of the Future concept that is available now!

From time-to-time one of our wholesale accounts will contact us with a new product that they have been sold on representing. So far, every time we test one of these products on Elizabeth, she reverts to where she was before we found this product line. Therefore, we get her back on the Smart DOT products ASAP so she can function out in the public sector again (with all the cell phones and cell service energies that are filling the airwaves).

Personalized Product Testing

To test a product we have to remove the Smart DOT products from Elizabeth's environment and clear her of their energies. Then we give her the new product to test without any other influences. Within a few days of testing, she begins to be impacted by the EMF energies around her. Based on these experiences we find there are too many products on the market to test them all. So a product testing only results from a very highly trusted source who is claiming to be obtaining outstanding results. Many of these new companies are promising things like being able to create a protective bubble around the user, their home, etc., which is just not a possibility from our experience. It is easy to make these types of bold claims, however it is much harder to back them up in reality.

Unless, you are personally impacted by EMF energies, it is near impossible to determine what works from what does not. We have made it our mission to sort through the sale hype/promises and only represent the products that have worked best for us. In today's marketplace of grandiose sales and marketing concepts, we choose to be realistic and reasonable.

Always do your own research to look beyond the sales pitch. You and your family are worth the extra effort to get what will make a difference and keep everyone healthy in today's toxic environments..

Marcus and Elizabeth

It wasn't until I found these EMF products that I was able to return to being in public! 

When they worked so well for me, after trying a drawer full of products that did not work,

I knew we had to make them available to others who need relief from the EMF assault.

Elizabeth Plourde, CLS, NCMP, Ph.D.

Medical Researcher and EMF Sensitive

Our commitment:

"Offer the best available EMF products!"


  As researchers, we will continue to search for the most effective EMF products and make them available to you and your families. We encourage families to cover the environments and devices they can control  ̶  and you will do better than your neighbors. Sadly, many are choosing to ignore or discount the scientific evidence proving the harm EMF creates.


Please contact us with any questions, as this product line is a little complicated  and well worth the time investment to ensure you obtain the best coverage possible.  We utilize customized Smart DOT ets to offset the extreme EMF exposures we are subjected to here in the USA  ̶   EMF exposures are not going to go away, and we all need to cover as many electronic devices as possible.




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These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consumers are advised to do their own research.



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