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The Science: Measuring Changes In the Body Versus Blocking EMF

What Makes These EMF Products Different (Effective)?

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Measuring Changes In the Body's Reaction:

     Rather than measuring the device

Smart DOTs and Body/Bio DOTs are a 21st Century Solution to EMF Pollution

       [EnergyDOTs transform the toxic EMF energies to become more human compatible.]

It is well established that using electronic devices causes the body's red blood cells (RBC) to stick together in a rouleaux formation and  inflammation (damage). When red blood cells are stuck together they are no longer as free to flow through the arteries and capillaries to deliver oxygen throughout the body [creating oxygen deprivation = low oxygen]. Increased inflammation is an indication more damage is present.

By measuring these changes within the body, EnergyDOTs are shown to outperform products that merely block or shield EMF energies. Decreasing the RBC rouleaux, or sticking together, allows the RBCs to deliver oxygen throughout the body. Less inflammation indicates that there is less damage (requiring less blood flow to repair the EMF impacted areas). These are healthier options for the users of electronics.


Measuring the Body's Reaction

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These products work synergistically to create significant alterations in the body by:

1. Dark Field Microscopy (RBC)   ̶  Un-sticking red blood cells so they can flow freely throughout the body. 

When they are stuck together, they cannot deliver oxygen to all the organs in the body.

2.  Significantly reduces inflammation in the upper torso.

Less inflammation indicates less damage within the body, as the body sends blood to areas of injury to help facilitate the process of repair.

3.  Strengthens the body's biofield, making it more coherent and solid.

4.  Man-made EMF and electrical energies create imbalances in the body's electrical communication systems.

These products bring back balance and harmony to the body!

These findings are what promoted us to purchase these products for ourselves. How well they work is what made us offer them to others.


No to Blocking amd Shielding

Blocking and Shielding Is Using an Outdated 20th Century Solution On a 21st Century Problem

Shielding devices (blockers) confine the EMF energies at the electrical level. Conceptually, to be effective they would have to block these energies at 100%  ̶  if they did block at 100%  ̶  the device would not receive a signal and would not operate. If the device does work, it is not blocking all the energies and where the energies escape, they become a much more concentrated and focused flow of energy  ̶  making the device more detrimental for the user.  Read more . . .


Medical Researcher & EMF Sensitive


Why This Product Line?

Research and Personal Experience

In 2012, Elizabeth became EMF sensitive when the electric utility smart meters were installed in our neighborhood. She began to itch and developed a rash from head-to-toe within weeks of the meters being installed. After seeing or consulting with 12 different doctors and healthcare professionals with no help, we were led to a biological building inspector. It was his assessment of our home and computer equipment that led us on a quest to seek solutions outside of the medical community.

Being medical researchers, we began searching for products to relieve her symptoms. After months of trying many EMF products, we found Body/Bio DOTs and Smart DOTs. Within 2 days of wearing the Body DOT, she could be around wireless technologies again. Within one week she was able to use the computer and cell phone again (using Smart DOTs). Since these products were the only ones that made a difference, we felt we had to share these advanced technologies and make them available for everyone's benefit.

We have been representing these products for 7+ years and selling them to doctors (mostly MDs) who resell them to their EMF sensitive patients. Having attended many of the medical conferences held around the country, we have seen or experienced many of the competing products that are on the market. Many of them are taking advantage of the demand for these types of products and are working to capture a portion of the marketplace.

Our commitment is that we will always represent the best EMF products available.

We are researchers and not sales people. We represent this product line because it is the only product that enabled Elizabeth to re-enter society and to work once again with computers and cell phones. Everyone in the EMF research community anticipates that 5G exposure will rapidly and dramatically change the health of the world's populations. People need the best available when it comes to combating this pervasive environmental toxin.  This product line provides the balancing and harmonizing the body needs when being subjected to the electromagnetic radiation assault.

As a final precaution, we would like to warn people not to surround yourselves with every electronic available, such as making your home high tech smart homes, with solar panels, and drive electric cars. The body's immune system can only take so much. The day-to-day exposures from our workplaces and public places we have to go to shop and care for ourselves are too much already. Stop and take a moment to consider how your home or work environment will change with anything and everything you bring into it.  Make your home environment a sanctuary where your cells can experience an opportunity to rest, recuperate, and repair.

We have written the book below to provide the best explanations as to why people have symptoms and what are causing them. We have become the go to people for EMF products and have helped many EMS (electromagnetic sensitivity) people whom the doctors have given up on. There are a small group of doctors who understand EMF symptoms and most likely your doctor who referred you to this website is much more knowledgeable. We recommend sticking with such a physician, as they are difficult to find.

We can survive in today's toxic world, and by using a little common sense, we can thrive.

Check out our Electromagnetic Sensitivity Symptoms page to determine your sensitivity level. 

List of Electromagnetic Sensitivity Symptoms



Award Winning Research


EMF Freedom: Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution - 3rd Edition

by Elizabeth Plourde, Ph.D. and Marcus Plourde, Ph.D.

[New edition has 100 new pages and includes over 400 references.]


The 3rd edition has been reformatted to presents symptoms people are feeling and scientific evidence as to why their health is being impacted.  For those who do not understand the symptoms EMF sensitive people experience, this version provides them with the reasons for their loved one's discomfort and complaints.


For those who do not have symptoms, they do not understand EMF sensitive people. This book helps to bridge the gap between the two groups.

 $21.95      $9.99 

  Paperback            $9.98 Kindle ebook

2019 IRWIN Award  ̶  Best Environmental Book For 2019

2018 New Cover



Our commitment:

"Offer the best available EMF products!"


  As researchers, we will continue to search for the most effective EMF products and make them available to you and your families.  We encourage families to cover the environments and devices they can control  ̶  and you will do better than your neighbors.  Most are choosing to ignore or discount the scientific evidence proving the harm EMF creates.


Please contact us with any questions, as this product line is a little complicated  and well worth the time investment to ensure you obtain the best coverage possible.  We utilize customized Smart DOT Sets to offset the extreme EMF exposures we are subjected to here in the USA  ̶   EMF exposures are not going to go away, and we all need to cover as many electronic devices as possible.



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These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consumers are advised to do their own research.



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