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In 2012, Elizabeth became EMF-sensitive when the electric utility smart meters were installed in our neighborhood. She began to itch and developed a rash from head-to-toe within weeks of the meters being installed. After seeing or consulting with 12 different doctors and healthcare professionals with no help, we were led to a biological building inspector. It was his assessment of our home and computer equipment that led us on a quest to seek solutions outside of the medical community.

Being medical researchers, we began searching for products to relieve her symptoms. After months of trying many EMF products, we found Body/Bio DOTs and Smart DOTs. Within 2 days of wearing the Body/Bio DOT, she could be around wireless technologies again. Within one week she was able to use the computer and cell phone again (using Smart DOT products). Since these products were the only ones that made a difference, we felt we had to share these advanced technologies and make them available for everyone's benefit.

Our advantages are:

  • •  We are independant medical researchers and do not manufacturer products

  • •  We test and offer the products that work well for us

  • •  We have the flexibility to change product lines - to offer the Best EMF Products

We have been representing these products for over 10 years and selling them to doctors (mostly MDs) who resell them to their EMF sensitive patients. Having attended many of the medical conferences held around the country, we have seen or experienced many of the competing products that are on the market. Many of them are taking advantage of the demand for these types of products and are working to capture a portion of the marketplace. We will always represent the best EMF products available.

These products the only ones that enabled Elizabeth to re-enter society and to work once again with computers and cell phones. Everyone in the EMF research community anticipates that 5G exposure will rapidly and dramatically change the health of the world's populations. People need the best available when it comes to combating this pervasive environmental toxin. This product line provides the balancing and harmonizing the body needs when being subjected to the electromagnetic radiation assault.

As a final precaution, we would like to warn people not to surround yourselves with every electronic available, such as making your home high tech smart homes, with solar panels, and drive electric cars. The body's immune system can only take so much. The day-to-day exposures from our workplaces and public places we have to go to shop and care for ourselves are too much already. Stop and take a moment to consider how your home or work environment will change with anything and everything you bring into it. Make your home environment a sanctuary where your cells can experience an opportunity to rest, recuperate, and repair.

Our EMF book to provides the best explanations as to why people have symptoms and what are causing them. We have become the goto people for EMF products and have helped many EMS (electromagnetic sensitivity) people whom their doctors had given up on. There are a small group of doctors who understand EMF symptoms and most likely your doctor who referred you to this website is knowledgeable about impact of EMF. We recommend sticking with such a physician, as they are difficult to find.

By using a little common sense, we can survive and thrive in today's toxic world.

Other Research Published

Environmental Toxins:

  • Sunscreens in the USA are all very toxic.

  • We created three books outlining their risks and alternate solutions.

  • For details see: SunscreensBioHazard.com/h4>