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Cell Phones, Smartphones and Electronic Devices

Cell phones, Wi-Fi, and electronic devices produce electromagnetic fields (EMF) that are toxic for to the human body. The low-level radiations they produce are cumulative just like X-rays. They create imbalances within the body's perfectly tuned natural electrical systems and biochemistry. As a result, over time, more people become EMF-sensitive.

Add Smart DOTs to all devices that have a Wi-Fi function.
We strongly recommend reducing as much Wi-Fi exposure as possible, and using Smart DOTs where you cannot. Cover as many devices as possible. Start with the ones used the most and those with the greatest exposure, such as a Wi-Fi router that sends its signals throughout the building, impacting everyone. [Wi-Fi and boosters, computers/ laptops, tablets, cordless phones, utility smart meters, baby monitors, etc.]

Utilize a Personal Wearable Device

Utilize a personal Body/Bio DOT wearable technology to cover your- self and add Smart DOTs on your cell phone. The first priority is to make your body and biofield stronger.

Protective Clothing Is NOT a Practical Solution We would recommend addressing a specific condition, but not for everyday use. In the process blocking the bad energies, it also blocks the good energies we receive from the earth that we need to remain healthy.

For example: In a situation where a store cashier is standing next to a barcode reader all day, protective underwear would be a great application in this situation as they are being radiated for hours at waist level.

Make Your Living and Work Environments Safer

Reduce as many EMF and electrical exposures as possible. Make your home a sanctuary, an EMF free zone: especially your bedroom!

When out in public or at work you cannot control those environments. In the environments you can control, they should be a reduced EMF area where you give your body's cells an opportunity to rest, recuperate, and repair. Your sleeping area should be as EMF free as possible. This will help your body to remove many of the elements that are keeping it from focusing on those repair processes.

Add Space DOTs and Space PYRAMIDs for additional coverage. They work to change the energies in your environment to become balanced and organized.


Use Grounding Bed Sheets & Computer Mats

Grounding while you sleep and when you work on computers/tablets/electronics are great additions to the Smart DOT products. Both products help your body to improve oxygen flow and reduces inflammation. By making the body healthier, the repair processes are improved.

Sheets create a connection to the earth that we are missing in today's living environments. Reconnecting to the earth provides negative ions we do not receive when we are insulated from the earth wearing shoes.

Computer mats ground us while we are working on electronic devices. It reduces the amount of energy retained within the body from the devices.


Be Aware of EVERYTHING You Bring into Your Environments

Many of today's electrical appliances, security sensors, or the virtual assistant technologies (Alexa/Echo/etc.) have a Wi-Fi/Smart function. Each time we add a new device, it creates another Wi-Fi signal on top of what was already there. It is easy to bring in more new convenience devices that add an additional layer of energy to the already overwhelming EMF assault. At some point the body is going to reach a breaking point, where it can no longer support protecting itself from the massive EMF burden that has been created.

Make lifestyle changes to will keep you healthy!
Consider whether you really need to surround yourself and your family with all the newest, latest more powerful technologies, and the Wi-Fi signals they will produce? Each additional device will impact your long-term health.


Know Your Surroundings

Know where the nearest cell towers are and watch for hearings for new permits to add a tower to your neighborhood. Once they start to put up the tower, it is too late to stop its construction. Lobby against them coming any closer to your home. Use antenna search ( to determine what is near your living and working environments.

If you feel different, someone has become sick, or a pet become sick - check to see if anything nearby has changed. No one is going to associate the upgrade of the cell tower down the street with someone's failing health, but it could be that simple. Increasing the electrical load on the body can overwhelm the body's immune system so it is no longer capable of keeping it well.


Become Your Own Healthcare Advocate

Read and research to discover what is right for you. We are in the Mis-Information Age and we are being sold products that are going to create irreversible damage to our health. Do not let mass market advertising control what you bring into your world. The constant advertising and legislation to electrify our world is going to destroy our health.

EMF Freedom: Solutions For the 21st Century Pollution
Our book outlines the many EMF symptoms and the biochemical reasons they occur. It also contains environmental and lifestyle recommendations to help protect you and your family.

After reading our book, we recommend: The Invisible Rainbow: The History of Electricity and Life. It outlines that humans have never been compatible with man-made energies. Arthur Firstenberg advocates that most of our health issues result from EMF creating imbalances in our body's natural energies - and we agree with his research.

Blocking and Shielding Are Not Enough

It Is Better to Change EMF to Be More Human-compatible

Blocking/Shielding Addresses EMF on an Electrical Level!

Generally, We Do Not Recommend

EMF energies must flow for the device to work!
For blocking to work, the device must remain in the case.

Shielding cell leaves 3 sides exposed to radiate EMF.

Limited protection even when closed.
EMF is channeled into a more concentrated energy pattern - making them more detrimental.

When opened, all the concentrated energies now are being directed at the user.

Fully contained pouches are a great protection when the phone is pouched and not being used. However, they provide no protection when they are actually being used.

Shielding makes sense under a laptop or computer to protect reproductive organs.

However, now it is reflecting those redirected and more concentrated energies upward toward the user in a more concentrated form. If you have your laptop in a stationary position, Several sheets of tinfoil layered under it will provide all the blocking required.

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