Science Behind Smart DOTs

Our studies measure the changes within the body that can make it healthier.

Making the body healthier, help its immune system protect against EMF exposure!

Measuring a device's ability to block/shield EMF creates no change for the user.*

After 1 hr on cell with No DOT

After 1 hr on cell with DOT

Medical term:Rouleaux formation

Live Blood Microscopy

Do you experience headaches or shortness of breath after using your cell?

EMF from cell phones and electronics has been shown to cause the body's red blood cells (RBC) to stick together. This creates a lack of oxygen, due to the RBC being unable to flow freely throughout the body to provide vital-to-life oxygen to all its organs.

This condition can cause a lack of energy, memory loss, headaches, shortness of breath, etc.

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After 21 Days

Medical Thermal Imaging

Do you get a hot ear or head while using your cell?

Our thermal testing shows that using Smart DOTs on your phone significantly reduces the heating effects.

Medicine today is deeply concerned about the amount of inflammation within the body. The inflammation reduction shown may be a key to improving your overall health.

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Before DOT

After 2 Days with DOT on cell

Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV)

Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) (an advanced form of thermal imaging) measures the distribution of energy levels and is used for medical diagnosis in many facilities. An image of a healthy biofield is dense, uniform, and has smooth changes of color from blue through to yellow.

Disturbances are shown as gaps, outbursts, and holes. These openings allow EMF to freely enter the body's biofield.

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Please note the Smart DOT was formally known as an electroDOT in the studies.

The Smart DOT system became a 2 DOTs System to cover the Wi-Fi functions when they were added to cell phones and electronics.

* Be awear when it comes to measuring EMF for protection:

These are 20th Century concepts used address a 21st Pollution!

Many who are offering products that block or shield are most likely on rerouting the EMF energies coming off the device being meausred. To truly block would cause the device not to work, or work poorly. Based on the rules of electricity we learned in the 20th century, one would think blocking or shielding would be helpful, but in most cases it is not.

See our No to Blocking and Shielding page for why we do not recommend those types of products.

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