Grounding Products

Grounding help to offset and repair the effects of EMF energies.

Cotton sheets are recommended for more effectient grounding!

Fitted Grounding Sheets - For Grounding While Sleeping

Fitted Sheets are 95% cotton sheet with 5% silver fibers woven-in to create a conductive surface. The sheet is a bottom fitted sheet and works any mattress thickness (including deep pocketed sides). It contains a fine silver thread grid for the body to make contact with and transfer away some of the toxic EMF energies that were absorbed during the busy workday.

The sheet connects to the earth with a ground cord. One end of the ground cord snaps onto the sheet and the other end connects into the ground port of a grounded electrical outlet or to the included ground rod system. As your skin touches the conductive bedding, this grounds to allow energies of the Earth to flow into the body (negative ions). This provides an opportunity for the body to repair while you sleep.

Fitted – Deep Pocket Bottom Sheet

  • $209.95

    Cal King

    72 x 84 inches

  • $199.95


    76 x 80 inches

  • $189.95


    60 x 80 inches

  • $179.95


    53 x 75 inches

  • $169.95

    Twin XL

    39 x 80 inches

  • $169.95


    38” x 75”


Universal Half Sheet – 6 X 3 Feet Approx.

Great for travel and universal for any bed size, as it can be mounted up or down, or across the bed. Also, works well on children’s smaller beds.


Computer MAT - Ground While Working

Mats ground the body to the earth as you work. They can be used in the office or at home to rest feet on and/or used on top of a desk to ground while working on computers or other electronic equipment. They are made from durable highly-conductive materials. We only offer mats that have a low VOC, as most of the people we deal with are very sensitive to odors that out gas from the materials.

  • $59.95

    1 Mat

  • $99.95

    2 Mats

Grounding and Smart DOTs Products Create Healthier Bodies

Together they Both Reduce Inflammation Within the Body

Just as Smart DOT products reduce inflammation within the body, so does grounding. They should be used together to obtain the maximum benefits, as we all need to do as much as we can to help our bodies to remain healthy in today’s toxic environments. The healthier the body, the better it can withstand the assault of the EMF radiations we subjected to on a constant basis.

reduces body's voltage

Grounding compliments Smart DOTs by: Significantly Reducing the Body’s Energies

When testing the body’s voltage differences between NOT being grounded and being grounded the reading becomes significant:

  • 1.856 Base reading
  • 0.016 Reading after grounding