Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where should I start with the Smart DOT system?

A. Begin with yourself. Wear a Body/Bio DOT to support and strengthen your energy field all day, every day. Try a Starter Package which includes a Body/Bio DOT and 1 Smart DOT Set for your mobile phone.

Q. What is in a Starter Package?

A. All Starter Packages include a ready-to-wear Body/Bio DOT. The Body/Bio DOT items are available as either BANDs, TAGs, CLIPs, or as an individual sticky DOT to be placed on an item you carry 24/7. Packages also contain 1 Smart DOT Set for your mobile phone or any other wireless device.

Q. There are 5 Energy DOTs in the range. What is each used for?

A: Each DOT is color-coded because each is specifically programmed for the specific type of energy field they interact with. Therefore, DOTs are not interchangeable. Utilizing each DOT as programmed and designed will provide the most efficient EMF protection available.

Body/Bio DOT for you to wear. It retunes your energy field to its optimum and often creates a natural energy boost.

Pet DOT- it is the same Body/Bio DOT for your Pet.

Smart DOTs are for cell phones and electronics to retune and transform their emissions into become more human-compatible, therefore, less harmful.

Aqua DOT: Restores the natural vitality of water and other liquids; designed to refresh the natural energetic structure of water, removing imprinting from EMFs and other sources.

Space DOT: Used to harmonize disruptive energies and so uplift the energy in your home or workspace; earth energies such as geopathic disturbance, emotional residue from previous occupants, architectural and historic elements.

Q. How long does a set of Smart DOTs last?

A. Smart DOTs have been tested at 12-years and they were found to function like new.

A. However, for your smartphone, we recommend renewing Smart DOTs after two years as technology changes all the time.

Q. Do I need Smart DOTs on all my devices?

A. Ideally yes. The level of electro-pollution from our much-loved electronic devices are now very high. The explosion in wireless technology has changed our environment dramatically. Ideally, you would retune as much of the electro-pollution as possible to support your well-being.

Q. Why does the USA version of Smart DOTs contain 2 DOTs (1 Gold & 1 Silver)?

A. North American environments are very EMF toxic due to the vast numbers of utility smart meters and Wi-Fi systems employed to meet the higher demands of wireless services. The Smart DOTs we offer are custom programmed in pairs - one covers the Wi-Fi energies (pulse) and the other covers the device's energy field (constant). This covers both types of energies emitted by electronic/electrical devices. Always use 1 GOLD and 1 SILVER DOT on each device.

More Complex Questions & Product Explanations

1. PHI Technologies

Each DOT is programmed with a powerful resonant energy signature which retunes energy interference.

2. Energy Interference Explained

EMF (electromagnetic energies) from mobile phones, laptops, computers, gaming equipment, Wi-Fi,etc all emit low-level radiation. Some people find the constant level of EMF challenging and have what is termed electro-stress. Symptoms of electro-stress include headaches, tiredness, insomnia, inability to concentrate, unexplained pins and needles, and in extreme cases depression and anxiety.

Scientific evidence has shown that the long-term health consequences are serious, especially with children. We all enjoy technology which is here to stay. Energy DOTs allow you to live with and enjoy technology more safely.

3. Energy DOTs Explained

There are a choice of five Energy DOTs that can be used on their own or in combination, depending on your lifestyle.

Energy DOTs are small round magnets that store energy information. Information storage devices are not a new concept; video/tape cassettes and bank cards are all storage devices. On a bank card the magnetic stripe stores numeric information about your bank account. Energy DOTs however are programmed with a particular energy signature using a proprietary system known as Phi technology. This signature or resonance retunes man-made electromagnetic frequencies to a natural resonance.

4. How Do Energy DOTs Work

The energy signature retunes man-made EMF energies to a natural harmonic state. This process is known as entrainment. The DOT acts as a tuning fork on EMF in its immediate environment.

5. Entrainment Explained

Entrainment is a basic principle of physics. It is explained as the synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles; vibrations from one source lock into another. Energy works in co-operation rather than opposition so the most natural coherent vibration will predominate.

Examples of entrainment can be found biologically (women living in the same environment will menstruate at the same time), mechanically (pendulums from clocks will swing in time) and emotionally (walk into a room where there is happiness and raised mood and your mood will be lifted). E nergy DOTs entrain discordant energy fields.

6. Energy DOTs - Why So Powerful?

Energy DOTs are activated by proprietary Phi Technology. Their activation is similar to any other homeopathic remedy, where an energy signature is stored in a solid substance.

The principle of Phi is used when programming. Phi is the perfect proportion 1 to 1.618. This perfect proportion is found in the proportion of the human body, our DNA, the growth pattern of flowers, the pattern of sunflower seeds, and the pattern of the galaxies. Phi is the Golden Ratio and it creates beauty. (Phi & the golden ratio are also known as the Fibonacci sequence or the Fibonacci spiral. Often referred to as the blueprint for life, which we are all compatible with as it is a part of nature.)