Blocking and Shielding Are Not Enough

Blocking/Shielding Are 20th Century Concepts

Used to Address 21st Century Problems/Pollutions

Blocking/Shielding Addresses EMF on an Electrical Level!

Generally, We Do Not Recommend

Electricity - Impacts the Body's Natural Energy Systems

Today's environments contain massive amounts of Wi-Fi and EMF energies everywhere and come at us from every direction - they need to be transformed and not just blocked or redirected. Wi-Fi and EMF are so much more powerful and prevalent throughout our day-to-day living environments - shielding and blocking are not enough.

Humans are not compatible with man-made energies! Arthur Firstenberg has created a great book that highlights how electricity has impacted our health. The title is The Invisible Rainbow: The History of Electricity and Life. As we have modernized (electrified) the world, our health has deteriorated. Until the medical community takes into consideration how electricity is creating imbalances in the body's fragile natural energy systems, medicine will not move forward to help those who are electromagnetically sensitive.

As the world races to electrify everything to save it, we humans are going to give up our health in exchange for a very, very bad science to justify a conversion away from oil.

Our EMF book, EMF Freedom: Solutions For the 21st Century Pollution, highlights the many symptoms and provides the biological reasons justifying their existence. It was written for doctors and family members who do not understand those who are EMF-sensitive. These people have a basis for their discomfort and symptoms in today's EMF-toxic world.

On the Surface Shielding Looks Effective

There is no question that shielding blocks the EMF from the DIRECTION being measuring. It is not enough to just change the direction of the energy flow. Energy is like water; it will flow in the path of least resistance. Therefore, shielding just reroutes the EMF energies. If in the rerouting process the energies become more concentrated, because the available opening is smaller, the more concentrated energies become more harmful.

Measuring EMF Is Helpful When Locating a Potential Hot Spot When there is an undetected energy field behind a wall or beaming in from an unknown source, measuring becomes a valuable resource.
We have seen some EMF experts advocating purchasing a $1,000 to $1,400 meter to detect where 5G is coming from - that one is easy - it is coming from everywhere! For a 5G device to function, it must be within 500 feet of the a 5G cell tower. That requires towers be within 1,000 feet of each other (allowing for the overlap). That investment would be better spent on devices that change or mitigate EMF.

Protective Clothing = Just NOT that Practical The only time I would recommend a protective clothing item would be in a situation where a store cashier is standing next to a barcode reader all day. Protective underwear might be a great application for a situation where they are being radiated for hours. Otherwise, you cannot cover yourself 100% to get protection. Also, we get good energies from the earth that are also being blocked in the process blocking the bad energies.

home with EMF reflective paint

EMF Reflective Paint

We worked with a client who painted their entire house with EMF reflective paint because they were so EMF-sensitive. Sounded like a great solution, but the owner was getting sicker-and-sicker after the shielding was applied. By blocking the BAD energies, the GOOD vital-to-life force energies we need were also kept out of their house. Their beautiful home turned into a house that no longer supported their long-term health needs.

What started out being an extremely logical and practical solution for this very EMF-sensitive individual became a detriment to their health. Our recommendation was to move out their home. They were only going to get sicker-and-sicker by staying in that building. Obviously, a very difficult resolution.

Sleeping in a Faraday tent or bag also blocks the good energies we need! The tent and sleeping bag solutions are not a good long-term solution to blocking EMF.

Protective clothing, same blocking of the good energies. They are good for isolated situations, but not a good long-term application.

These are the types of challenges that blocking and shielding can create. In the eastern world of medicine, it is important to keep energies flowing and not bound. Their belief is when you have a blockage of energy that is when the body deteriorates and one's health is challenged. Blocking/Shielding can make things worse.

EMF energies must flow for the device to work!
For blocking to work, the device must remain in the case.

Shielding cell leaves 3 sides exposed to radiate EMF.

Limited protection even when closed.
EMF is channeled into a more concentrated energy pattern - making them more detrimental.

When opened, all the concentrated energies now are being directed at the user.

Fully contained pouches are a great protection when the phone is pouched and not being used. However, they provide no protection when they are actually being used.

Shielding makes sense under a laptop or computer to protect reproductive organs.

However, now it is reflecting those redirected and more concentrated energies upward toward the user in a more concentrated form. If you have your laptop in a stationary position, four sheets of tinfoil layered under it will provide all the blocking required.

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